Launching Galaticway on the NEAR Protocol

Launching Galaticway on the NEAR Protocol

Hello, Community (world),

Our team is excited to announce that we are cleared to launch, GalacticWay will be live today — a next-generation NFT marketplace on the $NEAR blockchain — GalacticWay was born out of necessity, to bring the first NFT marketplace to the NEAR ecosystem that addresses a specific customer pain, access to curated collections of NFTs, on a network that is positioned for large-scale adoption, scale, and mainstream activation. Our team firmly believes that this will be the year that NFTs, and more specifically NEAR becomes mainstream.

More about the platform itself

The GalacticWay marketplace shares many of the core features of the predominant marketplaces on Solana and Ethereum, such as MagicEden or Opensea. From the Home page, users have access to trending, upcoming, and new drops, highlighting the top mover as our banner image on the home page. Community members will also have access to growing Stats features, that provide an overview of the top collections that can be filtered by highest list price, to lowest. Community members also can see the corresponding floor price, % of volume, volume, avg price, and more, which can be filtered by date-range.

Our goal is to be product-oriented and listen to our community. The long-term vision for the marketplace will ultimately be determined by the feedback we receive and solicit. Our goal is to further strengthen our focus on community by providing industry-leading support resolution, with a strong approach to content that will help keep engagement high and address specific trending topics across all channels, Discord, Twitter, etc.

Our system is being developed by our cross-functional team of founders, engineers, designers, marketers, and product managers, all working towards a shared goal and vision for this product, and developing a community around our work and the marketplace itself. Our team is located primarily in Switzerland and The United States.

Why $NEAR?

Near was first conceptualized as a high-performance network built for enterprise-grade scale — In 2018, their original mandate was to deploy the MainNet, achieved in Oct 2020. Since the focus has been on the continued growth of the ecosystem and innovative changes to the network. The most noteworthy feature is the Rainbow-Bridge, allowing for cross-chain communication between assets, ETH, 🔁 NEAR — $NEAR solves for many use cases that make competing layer-1 solutions less scalable, and therefore less appealing to enterprise institutions and organizations, and the mass-market.

Some recent highlights and innovations in the web3 space — Cross-chain portability through Aurora’s EVM and Aurora Bridge, allows for cross-chain value transfer of ETH and ERC-20 tokens — To Rubic, that recently shipped their multi-chain swap protocol allowing users to swap, or exchange Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, and many more. The innovations are occurring rapidly, just keeping up can be dizzying. Like with anything, the best results come from a continued focus on a singular goal, and in our case, that goal is to introduce an NFT marketplace on a scalable user-friendly blockchain, $NEAR.

The world of blockchain is still somewhat ethereal to the general public with less than 20% of the US population having any true understanding of NFTs as an asset. Most of the general public and more specifically the US investment community, can see the intrinsic value of a store of digital value, which logically makes sense, a digital currency, but a jpg? It’s much harder for older demographics to see the utility and intrinsic value of an NFT. Our team sees this as an opportunity. Selling the general public on the overall utility of NFTs is something the entire industry needs to take on to ensure further growth and scale for generations to come. All of these customer problems can be viewed as opportunities, and GalacticWay will be positioned to capture some of its market shares.

Thank you letter from the team

We appreciate you, fam, for taking the time to learn about GalacticWay and $NEAR.

Our team is actively hiring, so please reach out to us if this is a project that you would like to work on — we need people with a shared vision to help our team control outcomes and continue building a great product and community– If you want to follow along and be the first to know when we go live go follow us on or or come visit us at