Introducing Our New Upgraded Platform

Introducing Our New Upgraded Platform

TLDR: Starting today, you can explore and trade digital collectibles on an upgraded platform.

Since our beta release, our mission has been to enable more people to join and participate in the creator economy within NEAR. We thank our initial users and the impact they have made and their feedback. We know that if you’ve tried to list and purchase an NFT on our marketplace in the past, you’ve probably found the user experience less than ideal.

Today, we’re announcing the release of our new upgraded platform — including an optimized trading experience, revisions to overall NEAR blockchain indexing, platform-wide bug fixes, and more — so here’s what we’ve delivered.

Hardening core marketplace features

Browsing and trading NFTs should be as simple as tapping a few buttons — and the experience should take seconds and execute flawlessly each and every time. Anything more complicated or time consuming is a barrier to experiencing Web3. Few and Far will be the platform that empowers community and creators on NEAR.

A key part of that experience is indexing. Unlike ERC-20, NEAR’s smart contract architecture and NFT standard allows NFTs to be listed across multiple marketplace (unlike an escrow experience). This poses unique challenges for syncing on-chain data, and created an initial set of bugs in our beta release such as stale NFTs being displayed on our marketplace.

Our upgraded platform includes high-level architecture changes to fix bugs in our beta release and optimize for speed and performance — this includes moving to Python for our infrastructure, upgrading our database servers, extensive revisions on our overall approach to NEAR blockchain indexing, and heavily revised code on NFT collections pages — therein-by increasing the speed and snappiness of our marketplace experience by orders of magnitude.

Delivering a world-class product on NEAR

The Few and Far team greatly appreciates all of the continued feedback from our community as we continue to optimize our product and to become the best-in-class NFT marketplace on NEAR. We’re also thrilled and very optimistic about the recent traction and improvements in our marketplace experience since only a matter of days of being in production–including exciting new trading activity and volume on our FnF Launch Club flagship NFT collection.

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