Introducing BlueBit: future yield aggregation platform on Aurora

Aurora is proud to announce its strategic partnership with BlueBit Finance to further enhance yield and liquidity farming opportunities on Aurora. BlueBit Finance is a decentralized yield aggregator protocol on Aurora. The protocol is designed to give users with superior UI and UX which is secure, accessible, and efficient in terms of yield farming strategies. This would cater to the growing user base of Aurora with different risk tolerances.

BlueBit Finance

Blockchain ecosystems have never been so busy. Lending platforms are bustling, DEXs are full of liquidity, and the stablecoin market is booming. BlueBit as a yield aggregator, will serve as a go-to tool for users looking to optimize capital efficiency and resource allocation throughout the ecosystem.

BlueBit will be the first protocol that bring the vote escrow model into Aurora, by locking utility tokens to governance tokens, users will be able to share platform fee rebates, boosted yields, and voting rights for protocol governance. The mechanism is a proven path to effectively solve liquidity problems while aligning users’ goals with platform’s in the long term, so as to solve liquidity problems with traditional DeFi 1.0

Security should always be the first priority for DeFi projects. They have been implementing measures as much as they can to ensure the highest level of security. As we speak, their SC is under review by HashEX, a reputable audit party, and their testnet is ongoing to be able to use user’s feedback about security.

Their ultimate goal is to build a seamless farming suite on Aurora with a complete set of farming tools to accommodate various farming demands. They will start with BlueBit Vault V1, then followed by single-asset vaults, lending, and leveraged farming…

Explore BlueBit

BlueBit just announced their testnet launch, which has drawn wide attention throughout the ecosystem with positive remarks. The carnival will last 10 days till March 31st. Feel free to explore on their testnet website. You could also expect an upcoming mainnet launch announcement, so be sure to follow @BlueBitFinance

Why Aurora?

Aurora is the only Ethereum scaling solution that allows projects built on Ethereum to utilize the cutting-edge technology of the NEAR Protocol. In just a few months, Aurora has fostered a vibrant ecosystem of DAOs and builders and scaled to over $1 Billion in TVL. BlueBit is thrilled to integrate itself as part of the Aurora ecosystem and help to increase capital efficiency and enhance the revenue for users while reducing the troublesome operation procedures.