Get a Mr. BRRR NFT Voucher, 100% Buyback Guarantee

Get a Mr. BRRR NFT Voucher, 100% Buyback Guarantee

Lending is NEAR

After months of building, testing, and auditing since the initial announcement, we are excited to share that Burrow, the first lending protocol on NEAR, is finally ready to launch on mainnet.

To celebrate mainnet coming very soon™, Burrow is partnering up with the coveted Mr. Brown project to issue 140 Mr. BRRR NFTs for a very special NFT voucher program.

Meet Mr. BRRR

A money hungry groundhog at heart, Mr. BRRR knows how borrowing and lending works better than anyone. That is why he brought Burrow to NEAR — to show his fellow hogs how money markets are done.

For this special NFT voucher program, we present to you the Mr. Brown-ified version of Mr. BRRR.

Terms and Conditions

  • There will be a total of 140 Mr. BRRR NFTs issued
  • 1 Mr. BRRR NFT = 100 $BRRR (native token of Burrow)
  • Minting goes live every Wednesday for three weeks, starting on March 23rd, 2022. The NFTs will be minted on Paras.
  • After minting, the NFTs can be traded on Paras
  • After a 1 month trading period, each Mr. BRRR NFT can be redeemed for 100 $BRRR by sending the NFTs to the Burrow DAO — no matter the floor price
  • Burrow has a pre-mining period of $BRRR for 1 month from mainnet launch. NFT redeeming will be available soon after $BRRR becomes transferable. (Dates TBA)
  • All verfied NFT holders will be deemed an OG in the Burrow community.
  • The NFTs redeem period lasts until December 31st, 2022.

Mint Details

Mint Dates

  • March 23, 2022 : 1st batch mint (40 editions) + secondary market on Paras
  • March 30, 2022: 2nd batch mint (40 editions)
  • April 6, 2022: final batch mint (25 editions)
  • After $BRRR unlock (TBA)~ December 31, 2022: NFT redeem period


  • Non-whitelist Minting: 90
  • Burrow Discord Whitelist: 15
  • Ref Finance: 20
  • Paras: 5
  • Mr. Brown: 5
  • NEARweek: 5

Join the Burrow Discord for a chance to win weekly whitelist opportunities. And follow our partners’ Twitter accounts to participate in the Mr. BRRR NFT giveaways!