Fundraising through Liquid Staking with Meta Yield

Fundraising through Liquid Staking with Meta Yield


  • Meta Yield platform by Meta Pool to launch soon
  • Fundraising for NEAR-based projects through liquid staking with Meta Yield
  • De-risking investments in web 3.0 projects with Meta Yield
  • Stay tuned for more information!

De-risking financial investment in web 3

Thanks to the awesome NEAR community, Meta Pool has become the leading liquid staking and a cornerstone element of the NEAR ecosystem, contributing to its decentralization and security.

Always keeping in mind the NEAR ecosystem, committed to making it strive and building on our liquid staking capabilities, Meta Pool has been cooking over the last few weeks a unique new platform that will launch soon and we believe you will like a lot (make sure to follow us on your preferred social network to get the launch news).

Come in Meta Yield!

Meta Yield is a fundraising platform that allows any $NEAR holder to stake their assets in order to financially support web 3.0 projects built on NEAR Protocol by allowing them to receive the staking rewards.

A very simple mechanism that de-risks investments supporting projects, since you are exchanging your future NEAR rewards for a project’s token and you get to keep your NEAR.

Inspiration to build a fundraising platform

Many of you know that Meta Pool did an IDO last year and while platforms such as Skyward served its purpose, we felt that launchpads work only while markets are hot and optimism is high on blockchain protocols. When the market cooled down, we have seen some of our fellow platforms and projects fail to fundraise their established goals.

We believe that it is a problem that needs to be solved and we started to work on a way to deliver a solution that will take that risk away from the equation.

However the inherent risks of any project (product-market misfit, bad execution, etc) are not predictable and not under the control of the fundraising platform.

But we do believe that Meta Yield can provide a better experience for backers that want to support platforms being built on NEAR or Aurora, and for project stakeholders that want to build on top of NEAR.

Less risk and more rewards for NEAR staking

When investing in a project, the main and biggest risk is the potential loss of all the funds allocated to that project. This is even more true for individuals since they are investing their personal assets.

Meta Pool wanted to remove that initial risk for investors and backers of projects and reduce the frictions related to fundraising for project owners.

That is why we built Meta Yield, a kickstarter for NEAR using staking:

  1. Projects that need to fund their project can request an amount of $NEAR that they need to launch their product/app.
  2. Users / investors financially back the project by staking their $NEAR and committing all the NEAR rewards from staking to the project in exchange of native tokens from the project.
  3. Users / investors get a receipt as an IOU for their $NEAR, so they can claim them after the project has earned all their rewards.

We are very close to launch and we hope that Meta Yield will deliver more benefits to $NEAR token holders and for the NEAR ecosystem at large.

So keep on staking and stay tuned for more information!