Few and Far update — our most exciting month so far

Few and Far update — our most exciting month so far

Few and Far update — our most exciting month so far

It’s been one of our most exciting months so far at Few and Far. But first, a quick recap of this year:

  • Rewind to April this year: Just over six months ago, we received a grant from the NEAR Foundation to build our marketplace.
  • Fast forward to today: Since earlier this year, our vision has substantially evolved. During this market downturn (i.e. Crypto Winter), it’s become clear the crypto landscape is consolidating at a rapid pace.
  • So, what we’re making now: A one-stop destination for exceptional Web3 experiences. Check out our latest Medium Article on how we’re positioning ourselves to become the Amazon of Web3.

Here’s some recent highlights

  • We announced a new partnership with NEAR to focus on a joint go-to-market strategy to onboard global brands and major IPs from Web2 into Web3.
  • We released our big POV on the importance of giving control back to creators in the wake of Magic Eden’s flip-flopping on Solana NFT royalties — to read more, check out the latest article.
  • We then released a technical deep dive on the new FnF NFT Standard specifications — set to disrupt Ethereum’s ERC-721 and its derivative marketplaces.
  • We partnered with Sweat Economy, a London-based tech company with over 120M users, to launch a joint NFT collection on the Few and Far marketplace. The mint was the largest ever recorded on-chain in NEAR’s history and was seen by _2_M eyeballs and had 200K users go through a series of tasks clammering for a chance to get in. You can read more about NFT drop here.
  • We shared our building blocks for onboarding the next billion users to Web3, including easy-to-use onboarding, fiat on/off ramps, and omni-chain interoperability.

Sharing tidbits from our FnF “World Tour”

  • Chris Gale, our Co-Founder, spoke in front of hundreds of people on the main stage at NEARCON, Lisbon.
  • On the heels of NEARCON, our Head of Biz Dev, JT Huskins, traveled far and wide on a “World Tour” to meet with hundreds of projects and dozens of VCs
  • First stop — Cyprus, to meet with Exxaversre, and exciting multi-chain PVP game, and connect with a major gaming studio that has over 100M users and over 40 games.
  • Next up — Token2024, Singapore, where we connected with a Formula1 team, Gumball 3000 Rally, and a large Japanese commerce company looking to launch in Web3.
  • Last — DEVCON, Bogota — a more developer-focused event, which included joining a local NEAR community group, Latam, meeting Peersyst, a Web3 developer shop, and syncing with Head of Aurora, Alex Shevchenko, to discuss future partnerships and integrations.

Here’s some highlights on our platform

We’ll spend the next month deploying our new Launchpad that has end-to-end minting tools for creators and easy-to-use onboarding which includes friendly email login for non-native crypto users.

We’ve also started roadmapping the build of new industry specific sub-verticals for Gaming and Music: Far Gaming and Far Jukebox.

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Few and Far Team

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