Few and Far: Creator Launch Guide

Few and Far: Creator Launch Guide

gm creators!

Few and Far has now launched the ability to help creators and projects mint NFTs on NEAR without requiring any innovative contract development or upfront costs — allowing you to spend your time on the artwork and marketing. You also benefit from top social tools and features for building your Allowlist and leveraging the Few and Far community to support your launch.

Here is a helpful list of FAQs to guide you through a smooth launch on Few and Far.

Q. Do I need to do any development?

Nope! The contract is built using the FNF007 specification templates. You own your contract and have full access to the contract but you do not require any development or maintenance, saving you thousands of dollars!

Q. Where does the mint occur?

The minting happens on the Few and Far launchpad found on our Launchpad. It is fully tried and tested and our users have full security over the launchpad. If you would like to mint on your own site you can use the FNF APIs but that will require development on your site.

Q. What is the contract name and address?

This contract will contain one or more NFT collections. The contract name could be the name of your NFT collection, or the name of your brand, or something else. Think of it as a parent “folder” name for all NFT collections that will be contained within this contract.

Q. How long does the contract and launchpad take to set up?

We require all the final information prepared on our onboarding form 14 days prior to minting.

  • NB: the contract address will be derived from this name in the format collection-name.NFTs.fewandfar.near
  • You will provide us with a NEAR account ID that will be the owner of the NFT contract and have full administrative privileges within the contract. This should be an account that you own, and Few and Far will never have keys to this account. This account will also be able to add and remove other contract administrators.

Q. What is the benefit of the Few and Far standard NFTs?

We have a unique solution allowing royalty enforcement within the NFT contract, meaning you can guarantee royalties on sales, if you wish..

  • Buying and selling is 3X faster, and the transactions are cheaper.
  • You can select where and how traders trade your collection, and block or allowlist certain marketplaces.
  • You can utilize more innovative features such as soulbound tokens which do not currently exist elsewhere.

Q. Can I pay royalties to multiple addresses?

Yes, you can provide multiple addresses for minting and royalties. All are locked on the smart contract and cannot be changed once minted.

Q. What data do I receive following the mint?

The launchpad reflects all the total mints. We provide a link to the blockchain explorer where you can see all the transactions from the launch and the settlements (all on chain). Plus you can request a CSV file of all the wallet holders in the collection.

Q. How can I test it before the mint?

FnF will provide a launchpad link on testnet for you to see how it will look and test.

Q. How do I prepare and supply the artwork and assets ?

For the artwork we require all assets completely composed and in PNG format. The file size should be under 1mb (small as possible) and 800x800 pixels (recommended). Labeling (filenames), should be incremented from.

How do I do the metadata preparation?

We use the same metadata formatting standards as OpenSea and can be found here. The labeling (filenames) — incrementing from 1 — matching the image files.

Each JSON file should contain:

  1. NFT Name
  2. Copies — (1 = if unique art collection = more than 1 if multiple copies of that image)
  3. Attributes (as per OpenSea standard — example below)

Example JSON:


“name”: “My NFT Project — #1”,

“copies”: 1,

“attributes”: [


“trait_type”: “Background”,

“value”: “LightBlue”



“trait_type”: “Earrings”,

“value”: “Flowering”




Q. What happens after the mint?

Once your collection is live, it is automatically published and verified on the secondary market and open for trades.

Q. Can I add my own code to allow additional functionality?

Yes you can have access to your contract and add code but we would require additional testing and review from our dev team to authenticate it fully functioning as expected.

Q. Can we do Soulbound mints?

Yes one of the features is you can turn off trading and transfers which forces

Q. What is the Few and Far fee?

We charge 5% of all the mint transactions.

Q. Is it possible to do a free mint?

Yes we can offer free mints which is a great mechanism to grow your community.

Q. What marketing do you provide?

As a launchpad partner we will promote you to our rapidly growing community and

Q. Can we offer competitions and giveaways with Few and Far?

Yes and we encourage it. We can offer giveaways

Q. How does the Allowlist work on the launchpad?

Once we publish your collection launch and project info we count down to the mint date. For a user to be added to the launchpad, they need to have a Few and Far account and a certain amount of NEAR in their wallet. They are also directed to follow your Twitter and/or Discord. Our system verifies they are in your community and adds them to the Alloowlist. Our system will then send a dedicated email to members verifying they are on the list, when the mint is live and when the mint is sold out/ended.

Q. What are the benefits of being on the Allowlist?

Allowlist users can mint ahead of the public mint. They can also mint at a discount if set that way.

Q. Can I add my own Allowlist?

Yes you can also import NEAR wallet addresses to be added to the allowlist.

Q. What Utility can Few and Far offer for our collection?

We are developing a staking mechanism for users to stake their NFTs on FnF. This allows you to run time based campaigns which can measure on chain activity. This will display leaderboards for communities and include token prizes and giveaways.

Q. Can I do free mints for my marketing?

We will allowlist the address of the owner to allow free minting on the launchpad. This allows you to mint NFTs for community giveaways without the cost.

Q. Does Few and Far Provide any marketing support for launch?

Yes, we do! We provide launch retweets and tweets, features on our homepage, email campaigns, announcements and amplifications with our 20 NEAR ecosystem media partners, and more.

Q. If I have my own contract can I still launch on the FnF launchpad?

Yes. Few and Far promote your launch and run a allowlist of users to drive to your website for the launch.

To apply to Few and Far’s exclusive Launchpad, fill out the following application form.

Happy Minting,
Few and Far Team

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