Farm with PembRock and Ref Finance

Farm with PembRock and Ref Finance

With PembRock Finance’s early token sale now underway, we thought it would be a good time to give you some more info in anticipation of our upcoming release!

PembRock Finance is proud to be part of the NEAR blockchain ecosystem, as we not only see its current potential, but also opportunities for further growth as more products get introduced. As the first leveraged yield farming project on NEAR, we hope to play our part in bringing greater liquidity to the blockchain, while rewarding the expanding NEAR community with great rewards!

What does this mean for farmers?

With PembRock and Ref Finance, farmers can borrow any available coin and create a leveraged position, meaning larger rewards. Lenders can also provide liquidity to these farmers, getting great interest with minimal risk on cryptocurrencies such as stablecoins. Then there is auto reinvesting —PembRock users can get compounded rewards by using auto reinvesting in their positions!

As set out in the second milestone on our roadmap, we are integrating with Ref Finance, linking its liquidity and farming pools to our protocol.

What is Ref Finance?

Ref Finance is a community-driven, expanding set of DeFi products built around a core AMM. It is at once a decentralized exchange, lending platform, synthetic asset issuer, and much more.

Ref Finance benefits from the one to two second finality and cheap transactions inherent to the NEAR blockchain (just $0.005 per swap). This puts Ref Finance pretty much on par with centralized exchanges, helping bring greater legitimacy and trust to decentralized finance.

Best of all, NEAR’s Rainbow Bridge to Ethereum means that traders can currently utilize ERC-20 assets from Ethereum on NEAR, with other bridges in development for BSC, Polygon, and Cosmos.

PembRock and Ref Finance

In the next month, the first token pair from our project will be introduced on Ref Finance, giving greater value for holders of the versatile PEM token. With this integration, we hope to give a boost to Ref Finance and every farmer, while also establishing our credentials as the go-to leveraged yield farming project, even for those who have never transacted on NEAR protocol before.

Plenty of more news to come which we will share with you when the time is right, so stay tuned by following our social media: @PembrockFi