Explore the NEARverse with NEARWEEK

Explore the NEARverse with NEARWEEK

Your NEAR Con outfit is on us

10 strongest quotes will win cool limited edition merchandise from NEAR SWAG:

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The winners will be drawn on Friday 17th September at 12pm CET.


THE NEARWEEK News Guild has been producing weekly crowdsourced news from the NEARverse since April: NEARWEEK.com – Your weekly dose of news from the NEARverse.

NEARWEEK seeks to be inclusive and driven by NEARians:

We believe that we should, as fast as possible, enable NEARWEEK to become a decentralized news media platform driven and owned by a dynamic community, where profit is fairly distributed based on contributions.

We are growing to become a self-sufficient ecosystem where people are rewarded in a decentralized, scalable manner for contributing to the collection, curation as well as distribution of news within the NEAR ecosystem and beyond.

Whether you are new to the NEARverse or not, we are here to empower you as you dive deeper into the NEAR ecosystem.

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