Meta Pool IDO Launch Details on Skyward

Meta Pool IDO Launch Details on Skyward

Finally, we are really excited to announce that on December 7th we will set up the Initial Distribution Offering on Skyward.

We are putting 28,000,000 $META tokens, so we can give exposure to all the NEAR Ecosystem through a decentralized time-based auction which will be accessible to the general public.

If you want more information regarding the What and Why we are doing the IDO, please read our previous post.

Detailed information on our IDO

  • Presale: December 7th to December 14th
  • Sale: December 15th to December 17th
  • IDO Supply: 28,000,000 $META
  • Token pair: stNEAR / $META

It is important to take into account that participants in this price discovery event will need to deposit stNEAR and exchange it for $META. We will describe the process on another post.

Making the right partnership

Skyward will provide the right platform so the Meta Pool community can increase their exposure to the $META token.

We know that network effects are a key component of the growth of decentralized protocols and this collaboration will allow us to engage the community that has supported NEAR projects from its inception.

What is next?

Keep staking in Meta Pool to earn $META! We will be announcing Stakers Week soon and it will have some great multipliers for those that choose to stake in our liquid staking solution. Also liquidity providers to the Liquidity Swap Pool will get an increase in multiplier rewards.

So stay tuned for more news regarding Stakers Week in our Discord and follow us in @Meta_Pool. For December we will see OIN Finance launch their DAO v3 platform which will enable deposits in stNEAR to mint their stablecoin called USDO.

The support from the NEAR Ecosystem and the Meta Pool community has been outstanding and the team is focusing on delivering value for $META and NEAR token holders. We are working round the clock to launch things on mainnet.

More partnership announcements will follow ;)

Keep on staking!