Deadmau5 Launches NFT Partnership with Mintbase and NEAR

Deadmau5 Launches NFT Partnership with Mintbase and NEAR

deadmau5, the DJ and Producer has teamed up with rockband Portugal. the Man, Mintbase, and NEAR to release a single as an NFT.

The song, titled “this is fine” is being sold exclusively as a collection of 1 million NFTs on the Mintbase NFT marketplace, which runs on the NEAR blockchain, with tokens now on sale.

The announcement took place in Miami during the Art Basel art fair, which takes place every year in the American city.

Roughly three quarters of the 1 million NFTs, are being sold at Miami’s Art Basel festival for $1.29 a piece. The remaining NFTs will be sold as part of a collection of additional awards.

In the “Ultimate Bundle,” some 50,000 NFTs will include artwork, a limited edition NFT, merchadise pack and a spot on the guestlist of a forthcming DeadMau5’s concert.

At the time of writing, nearly 500,000 of the NFTs have already been sold.

“It’s about adoption. It’s about adopting this way of doing things for artists, and it’s also about public adoption and companies working together to adopt technology that’s going to make this easier for everyone,” said deadmau5.

The announcement forms part of a wider series NEAR has lauched to help people get to grips with Web3 technology across America.

For most people, buying NFTs has been a complex experience, involving additional fees, delays and multiple wallets. With NEAR and Mintbase, users will be able to buy NFTs using fiat cash instantly, with super low fees, thanks to an integration with payment rail provider, Stripe.

NEAR will be visiting a number of key cities over the coming months. Starting in Miami, NEAR and the NEAR bus will be traveling to New York and San Francisco over the coming months.

Deadmau5 Launches NFT Partnership with Mintbase and NEAR

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