Coinhall: Real-Time Price Charts & Analytics on NEAR

Coinhall: Real-Time Price Charts & Analytics on NEAR

Coinhall is a real-time price charting & analytics and DEX aggregator platform. We also run community validators and participate in the governance of chains. We are currently live supporting multiple chains like Terra Classic, Terra 2.0, and JUNO, with our recent expansion being on NEAR.

Backstory of Coinhall

Coinhall was built out of necessity as we realized that there was a lack of reliable analytical tooling available for the average user. What began as an experiment among friends kickstarted a fruitful journey of our venture into building for the community. To our delight, our users grew organically to hundreds and thousands, with us achieving 6.5 million monthly visits at peak — showing the urgency for such infrastructure.


NEAR is a Layer-1 blockchain with unique sharding tech; the Nightshade mechanism parallelizes computation & increases scalability for network transactions to achieve over 100k transactions per second. As the NEAR Ecosystem grows bigger daily, there is a greater need for tooling such as Coinhall’s to help users keep up with the immense data influx.

We aim to build a comprehensive, personalized platform with superior UI/UX that can accompany our community in their DeFi journey in NEAR. Our main goal is to minimize information asymmetry so that even a newcomer to crypto can easily understand and analyze the on-chain data we are presenting.

What’s Live on Our Platform Now?

  • Realtime Price Charts — price charts across AMM DEXes on NEAR (beginning with REF finance) which are updated in real time every block. We also offer the complete TradingView Integration, where every trader can leverage their indicator libraries, charting tools, and more.
  • Pair Analytics & Historical Orders — as a farmer, you can easily view the essential metrics here, from volume to liquidity to fees to estimated Annual Percentage Rates of all pairs across the AMM DEXes (initially REF Finance) on NEAR.
  • Telegram Bot — Degen sessions with friends? Add our bot @coinhallbot into your group chats, where you can query prices anytime and receive price alerts. Commands: i.e., (/p wnear)

What’s next?

As we work towards achieving our goal of becoming the one-stop reliable data guide for our users, we will continue to ship out new features and make the Coinhall user experience incrementally better as time goes on.

In the future, users can also keep a lookout for new concepts we are exploring with the data we have on hand for a better web3 experience.