Brand-New Roketo Business App Streamlines Your Regular Payments

Brand-New Roketo Business App Streamlines Your Regular Payments

After several months of hard work, we are super excited to roll out our new app — Roketo Business that streamlines the regular payments and automates operational processes of web3 companies. As our followers already know, the mission of our service is to diminish the barriers to web 3 adoption for companies so that they can streamline their business payments and concentrate on the product they’re building instead of wasting time on tedious and unsafe manual transaction sending.

Prioritizing our customers’ convenience, we have created an all-in-one app which enables its users to gain full control of their treasury management. Importantly, this introduction has not affected our fees policy. The prices we charge are still attractive thanks to the integration with the NEAR protocol providing some of the lowest network fees compared to other blockchains.

Roketo Business boasts a straightforward and intuitive interface: you can navigate through the six tabs to access all useful features needed to streamline your comany’s financial activity:

Add an extra layer of security with Multisig wallet

The security of your funds is our main priority. That’s why we use the best industry standard when signing in — the multisig authorisation. Multisig technology means that the transaction is processed only when approved by multiple parties (e.g. 2 out of 3 or 10 out of 15.)

This technology not only enhances your company’s financial security protecting you from phishing attacks and malware infections or simply losing access to your private key. It also allows you to use group decision making when managing community funds. It can be particularly helpful for DAOs but not limited to them.

Streamline payrolls

Roketo Business takes off the load of setting up regular and recurring payments from your shoulders. Pay to your employees or contributors by setting a one-time payment, recurring payments or launching a payment stream.

Stay in control of your DAO expenses

Transparency is crucial to maintain your company’s financial health. Roketo Business provides you with detailed analytics on DAO expenses to all its members.

Use Visa cards

We’ve taken another step to close the bridge between crypto and fiat and make it hassle-free for your employees to withdraw money with minimal commission at any ATM.

Roketo has partnered with NearPay, a crypto finance protocol, to enhance the utility of token payments. Using Roketo Business, you can provide your employees or contributors with NearPay Visa cards and fund them directly with crypto. Currently, the feature is available only for the UK and EU citizens.

Several more amazing features are on their way — so stay tuned! We are working on the features that facilitate grant distribution and token allocation including token streaming, vesting period, milestone payments, and receiving grant proposals from candidates.

Roketo Business is an indispensable tool for running financial management in a web3 company. Looking ahead, we plan to add more useful features to the app to enhance its utility and make it a one-stop tool for efficient treasury management.