Bastion is live on Aurora Mainnet

Bastion is live on Aurora Mainnet

Bastion is live on Aurora Mainnet! Check us out at

All of Aurora’s current lending protocols are almost identical Compound forks. Bastion plans to be MUCH more. We have an exciting lineup of new product verticals coming within just the next two weeks! 🥳

Bastion differentiates with a focus on innovative time-based tokenomics and superfluid composability. We are also the only lending protocol on Aurora that uses Flux’s official, decentralized, high-quality Amberdata oracles, aggregated from multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges. 💪

Each chain has their own native DeFi primitives. 🏆

Our mission is not just to be the chain-native lending protocol of Aurora, but to grow the Aurora ecosystem and bring new transformations to the DeFi lending space.

To begin, Bastion will support ETH, NEAR, USDC, and USDT. We will list more assets over the next few weeks.

Pre-mining $BSTN

We have increased emissions rates by 10x during pre-mining, and will retroactively airdrop users the amount they pre-mined. You will not be able to view the amount of BSTN you have pre-mined until after the pre-mine period. This prevents users from exploiting the pre-mining program. Read more about BSTN here.

We’re extremely excited for the journey ahead. Shoutout to our OGs and Testnet users — we are very thankful for our earliest supporters! WAGMI.