Backstage Is Integrating with NEAR Protocol, Blockchain Integration Planned for Q3 2022

Backstage Is Integrating with NEAR Protocol, Blockchain Integration Planned for Q3 2022

Backstage is extremely happy to announce an integration with NEAR Protocol, a blockchain solution designed with functional scalable features to create a new decentralized internet.

What You Need to Know

NEAR is the network for a world reimagined. Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, millions are able to invent and explore new experiences on the NEAR blockchain. NEAR is a Layer-1 blockchain solution and decentralized ecosystem designed to create a new censorship-free internet

Once the Backstage platform is integrated with the NEAR Protocol, we’ll be able to benefit from the blockchain’s incredible features and capabilities. A climate-neutral blockchain, NEAR Protocol offers high speeds, low fees and progressive UX, as well as multi-chain connections. NEAR runs in concert with Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot and more.

Simply put, this integration with NEAR will enable Backstage and our partners to get the most out of our tech solutions. Thanks to NEAR’s solutions for scaling and multi-chain features,

  • We’ll be able to offer NFT ticketing in a manner that’s sustainable, scalable and affordable for both issuers and buyers and sellers.
  • Our metaverse events will run much more seamlessly — and truly put people in the heart of the action.
  • Our crypto payments system, along with our BiKoS wallet, will enjoy fast transactions on the NEAR blockchain, as well as have low fees and minimal climate impact. This will be necessary since fans will pay in BKS tokens and venues and artists will accept BKS tokens.
  • The BKS Launchpad will function much more efficiently and securely.

Meanwhile, NEAR is pretty excited to be adding one more innovative blockchain project to its blockchain. The team has done a terrific job of getting top projects onto their platform, and we’re proud to join other great projects on the NEAR blockchain.

Shared Vision, Great Potential

NEAR envisions a world where people control their money, their data and the tools to build new ideas. This vision aligns with the Backstage vision for the events industry. We wish to remove the intermediaries and monopolies, and give power back to the creators, artists, venues, fans and community.

NEAR aims to democratize the world through blockchain technology, while Backstage strives to democratize the music industry. We’re both disruptors who want to empower people and revolutionize the way things are done.

This shared vision is precisely why we’re excited about the potential of the Backstage-NEAR integration. Plus, with great experience, resources and talent, the NEAR team is uniquely equipped to help Backstage overcome challenges to successfully democratize the music industry. Integration with NEAR will also enable a new channel for Backstage to find new players looking to develop and embrace our technology.

This NEAR Protocol integration comes at a great time too, as we prepare for our public sale in late June. Having the support and reach of NEAR Protocol as we head into our IDO will benefit us greatly.

This collaboration holds great potential for NEAR too. NEAR now has a project within their ecosystem that’s revolutionizing the entertainment world with real-world, blockchain-powered solutions, such as NFT ticketing, metaverse technology, crypto payments, a launchpad and more. NEAR has a promising new project to add to its network, and that should help continue to attract great projects to their project.

We’re truly excited to work with NEAR, and we regard this development as one of our most important to date. The future of this collaboration is quite bright.