AwesomeNEAR February Launch Giveaway - 50 NEAR for 5 lucky winners

AwesomeNEAR February Launch Giveaway - 50 NEAR for 5 lucky winners

After weeks of development, the newest version of AwesomeNEAR has finally been launched.

Apart from our hard-working dev team, we also owe it to our brilliant community - thank you, NEAR fans, for your support as well as your feedback which has led to the progress AwesomeNEAR has made so far!

Note the new features in this version and let us know your thoughts:

  • Access NEAR Protocol stats via homepage, track daily price, market information, etc.
  • Monitor the trend of NEAR & its DApps, check their on-chain data, eg. transactions, active accounts by day.
  • Follow NEAR ecosystem trending projects & newly-updated projects via homepage.

Stay tuned for other work-in-progress features:

  • Leaderboard/ranking of daily transactions, active accounts, etc.
  • Project-specific news, articles & tweets on individual project pages.
  • Get in touch @awesome_near on Twitter should you have any questions or suggestions.

As a token of appreciation, we hosted this giveaway of 50 $NEAR upon our February launch and weโ€™d like to thank everyone who followed & joined us on Twitter! Rest assured this is only the beginningโ€ฆ

The five lucky winners are - @redxhunter34 @steppevert @Tomy556677 @CarlCarlKarl @nandadonny27 .

Stay close for our next announcement, everyone, take care in the meantime!