Aurora partners with The Graph to bring superior data indexing

Aurora partners with The Graph to bring superior data indexing

The Graph is the indexing and query layer of web3. The protocol’s subgraphs help facilitate the development and deployment of performant and discoverable APIs with data indexed from blockchains. Subgraph developers define which data will be indexed from the blockchain and how it will be stored and made available via an API layer.

“The Graph is one of the pillars of the modern web3 world and we’re happy that the indexed data is now available to Aurora users and developers in a familiar form,” says Alex Shevchenko, Aurora CEO.

We believe this collaboration will open the doors to numerous other integrations for Aurora and give Ethereum developers a great opportunity to scale their dapps. Access to public data from around the world is extremely important for many applications' functionality.

The collaboration between Aurora and The Graph is another step towards building a decentralized web. The Graph supports indexing data from different networks, including Ethereum.

“Layer 2’s are an important part of building a scalable web3 enabled future. Diving deeper into the NEAR ecosystem, it is exciting to see The Graph’s hosted service support Aurora, an Ethereum Scaling Layer 2 on the NEAR blockchain, continuing on The Graph’s vision of the multi-blockchain future.” says Pranav Maheshwari, Solutions Engineer at Edge & Node.

Over 24,000 subgraphs have been deployed on the hosted service, and over 200 on the decentralized network. Developers are building subgraphs for such applications as Balancer, DAOstack, Uniswap, AAVE, Decentraland, and many more.

The Graph gives an opportunity for applications to efficiently present data in the UI, and developers can use any subgraph they require. They can deploy a subgraph or query existing subgraphs. Global public information can be accessed through subgraphs, and this data can be transformed, organized, and shared across applications for anyone to query.

The news comes hot on the heels of our partnership with Consensys, our integration with Chainlink, the launch of the Aurora DAO and our first funding round where we raised $12 million.