API3 DAO Introduces First-party oracle services to Aurora

API3 DAO Introduces First-party oracle services to Aurora

What is API3?

API3 set out to simplify how Web3 builders can access meaningful real-world data by solving the API connectivity problem. Spearheading the first-party oracle architecture, API3’s Airnode solution simplifies how data providers connect APIs to the blockchain.

Avoiding any intermediary oracle network layer means the requested data is served directly from the source, not via third-party middlemen. This allows builders to transparently gauge the source of the data and securely connect these to their smart contract. On-chain aggregation then allows these first-party data feeds to be used as decentralized oracle solutions.

Additionally, operating as a DAO means API3’s governance is distributed, with an open source codebase and transparency ingrained in the development of products and operational processes.

A Public Good Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)

A deterministic virtual machine is incapable of generating true randomness. Because of this, RNG needs to be provided to smart contracts as an oracle service. Generally there are 3 ways random numbers are provided to dApps currently; using Validator generated RNG, Pseudorandom RNG or Quantum RNG.

As QRNG generates randomness using quantum phenomena, the resulting numbers will be truly random. This is because the outcome of a quantum event is the most scientifically uncertain way to generate random attributes.

QRNG is now live for builders on Aurora

dApps on Aurora can now utilize the API3 QRNG oracle service for true randomness as a public good, only paying the gas fees to use the service, without any additional fees.

Permissionless by design, free to access, and simple to integrate into your smart contract, API3’s QRNG service has seen thousands of requests since launching in Q2 2022. dApps request the QRNG feed for use-cases like provably fair selections, whitelisting, NFT minting, light-strategy games and loot boxes.

To use QRNG in your dApp, you add a requester contract and derive a sponsor wallet to fund gas. You can find step-by-step guides & use-case-specific learning materials in the QRNG documentation.

Join the API3 community and share your QRNG experience

If you need support join the API3 Discord and leave your message in the #dev-support channel. We’re always keen to support builders, hear feedback or learn how you’ve used QRNG.