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Armored Kingdom is a multi-media entertainment universe encompassing comic books, an animated series and an NFT-based card game. It’s designed to attract a wide audience and keep them engaged with all aspects of the evolving storyline.

Set on a medieval fantasy world, Armored Kingdom is a genre-blending, character-driven story of conflict, treachery and mystery. Three warring factions—the anthropomorphized jungle animals from the Kingdom of the Horn, the sea-dwelling creatures known as the Costraca and the humans of the Veldt—are about to enter a critical battle that could leave all three armies decimated. But before any blood is spilled, a new nemesis emerges in the form of a mysterious spacecraft as large as a city. The ship remains motionless, but the silent threat forces the three empires into a fragile alliance.

But there are enemies within their ranks, and the chaos creates opportunities for those who would seize power no matter the cost. When the coalition leader is assassinated, a ragtag team of fugitives must prove their innocence while taking on a desperate quest for lost magical artifacts—powerful weapons that may be their only hope to fend off an alien invasion.

Drawing on a rich, multicultural world with deep backstories and a serialized storyline featuring shocking twists and turns, this central narrative will drive synergy throughout our expanding universe of comics, games, and animation.

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