About Ariadne

What is Ariadne? What is ARDN? Where can I get Ariadne ARDN tokens? Who invested Ariadne? How does Ariadne compare to other projects?

Ariadne is a multi-chain aggregator and para-token powered dashboard to move assets cheaper and faster across one or more blockchains.

Ariadne will aggregate transactions to save on fees within one blockchain, and introduce a new way to execute multi-blockchains operations.

User access layer to DeFi is not ready for multi-chain reality, the bridges are a pain point, and fees are often too high even within one network.

Most tasks could be executed cheaper and more efficiently (transversing capital between blockchains or simply optimizing strategy within one blockchain).

Ariadne Token Stats

Ariadne Token Symbol isARDNAriadne ARDN Price


Ariadne ARDN Price All Time High / All Time LowPrice ATH / ATL ⓘ

$4.34 / $0.036562

Ariadne ARDNMarket Cap


Ariadne ARDNMarket Cap Rank


Ariadne ARDN24H Volume


Ariadne ARDN Total Value LockedTVL ⓘ


Ariadne ARDN Fully Diluted ValuationFDV ⓘ


Ariadne ARDNCirculating Supply


Ariadne ARDNTotal Supply

Data Source: CoinGecko